Laundry Time in Italy

It Italy, very few people have dryers.  I am lucky enough to have one.  But during the summer months, when I do dry the wash on the line, my clothes hanging experience is EXACTLY like this advertisement below.  EXACTLY.  Ha, ha, ha…… (more…)

Food Rules in Italy

Yes, it is true, food DOES rule in Italy.  But one must also FOLLOW the food rules in Italy as well.  Here below are some of the standard rules to help you avoid getting into trouble with the locals on your next visit to Italy. (more…)

A Post about the Posta

Have you ever bought a house? If so, remember that kind of scary feeling of sitting down at a big conference table and being confronted with with a mountain of documents to sign?    Well in Italy you get to experience this feeling even for something as simple as holding your mail.  Observe exhibit “A” below:


Recipe – Insalata Caprese

One of my favorite summer dishes is Insalata Caprese (Caprese Salad).  As I have mentioned before, I am a total fan of quick and easy meals and dishes that are incredibly yummy and in this case beautiful to look at.   (more…)

Summer Musica!

Summer is serious stuff in Italy.  I mean really serious stuff.  Everyone is happy and excited about going on vacation.


Go and Explore!

You know how life is sometimes?  You settle into a routine?  A routine at work.  A routine for meals.   A travel routine.  A daily routine. (more…)

Ah Italy… are a funny place to live sometimes….

Sorry…but being the American I am, I cannot ever imagine going to my bank and finding this sign taped to the door: (more…)

Mysterious Hills, Wine Festivals and the Pope’s Second Home….

What do all of these things have in common?  They take place in the Castelli Romani.  These are hillside towns to the southeast of Rome.  It is a place where many Romans go (ummmm…including the Pope)  to escape the suffocating heat in the summer and where we go sometimes just to get an ice-cream. (more…)

Recipe – Sautéed Asparagus

This is the period for asparagus!  They are everywhere – in supermarkets, in the street markets, and there are even entire festivals devoted to them! (more…)

Recipe – Orange Spremuta

Ok…..well the truth is, this is not REALLY a recipe, but maybe more of a suggestion.  A spremuta is just fresh squeezed juice.  In this case, I have made it with oranges. (more…)


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